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Gary Cahill must be shell shocked by what happened in Brazil.

It certainly made this World Cup feel, well, worldly.

Now as far as I can see the only significant relevance of this World Cup is the affect it will have on our boys once they return to training after their post tournament holidays.

And then, to cap it all, Germany won.

´╗┐but now it's back to the Premier League

Mourinho was quite adamant at the tail end of last season that the building of the squad could go right to the end of the taster window. The delicate balancing act of bringing in new faces while keeping old ones just long enough to jettison at the right moment is indeed a logistical art form in itself.

Right, the World Cup is over can we now stop all the navel gazing about England's lamentable showing and get back to what we all really love, the Premier League.

It was great to make a comment and someone from South Africa or Australia would chime in with their unique slant on a passage of play or an individual player.

Only Mourinho's extraordinary ability to get results when they weren't deserved kept them in Champions League contention while other points slipped through their fingers thanks to the poor showings from Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Samuel Eto'o.

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Adidas Primeknit Order

The list goes on as no one, in truth, covered themselves in even mediocre glory (super sub Schurrle a notable exception).

But it had nothing necessarily to do with the football. It was the social media chit chat during the games that did it for me. The UK was still awake, with quite a few just arriving from a post work snifter or two judging by their drink infused comments, and the USA was just about finishing work and ready to enter the fray, while further eastwards they were showing stoicism and stamina by either staying up during the middle of their night or just waking up and jumping right in Adidas Originals Black Sneakers

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Clubs have been known to get burned by this in the past, look how Wayne Rooney used Chelsea as a bargaining chip for a much improved contract with Manchester United this time last season. The consequences for a near disastrous season were evident with the paucity of goals from those strikers we could not then afford to unload.

Don't get me on the USA fans who warmed to the tournament with such joyous abandonment.

They would hope that their readers would not know what a hashtag or a DM was.

The fact that they had never got even within sniffing distance of the first team changing room, let alone donned the glorious Blue shirt was neither here nor there. But at least it gave Chelsea fans the chance to dip into Google (other search engines not available) and find out where Chelsea were hiding them, because they weren't in SW6.

group stage matches in particular.

At least he will have John Terry to talk him though the experience. I have no doubt that Jose Mourinho has already prepped Terry for this significant role. If Cahill fails to respond, then Branislav Ivanovic will, with a full (non World Cup affected) pre season under his belt, be in pole position to stake a claim for the centre back berth with Terry for the season's opener against Burnley on Monday night yes, I wrote that right at 8pm.

How will Eden Hazard, such a thorn in the side of defenders up and down the country last season, react to his anaemic performances in South America?

with toast and tea. Whatever state of slumber or otherwise that people were experiencing, it seemed that the whole world was watching, and with just an iPad (other tablets are available), I too could be part of the shared global experience.

Having to be the lead centre back with Phil Jagielka as a partner was a full time job in itself, but having to cover for an out of his depth Leighton Baines on one side and a inept Glen Johnson on the other was too much even for our Gary.

But as it turned out, after the late night group games, the matches became an exercise in endurance.

The first of the pre season games for the first XI as we shall call them this month starts tomorrow at Wycombe Wanderers. The side will be a mix, mostly of the U21 and U18 players plus a smattering of non World Cup first team players.

It certainly made the national newspapers' jobs that much harder the following morning.

More often than not, in an attempt to give a colour, off the wall skew piece to unfolding events, they would delve onto the twittersphere and publish in their papers doctored pictures published by technically gifted tweeters with a sense of humour.

Andre 'Shirley' Schurrle will no doubt have a ridiculous but justified smug smile on his face when he saunters into training. But what of Oscar, Ramires and Willian?

Even checking out which team had Chelsea players in and cheering them on became ridiculous, especially when, as would be inevitable, they came up against each other.

I couldn't bear all that faux clichd sentiments banded about online and from TV pundits about how unlucky Chile were or how Costa Rica were the unsung heroes.

Then it's off to the old stomping ground of the stiffs to face AFC Wimbledon at Kingsmeadow or whatever it's called these days. Bit by bit players will be added as they return from their less than well earned break and by the time the mini tour of Europe is complete and matches done Adidas Primeknit Order and dusted, Jose Mourinho should have the bulk next season's squad bedded in.

Don't get me wrong, had England (or my other half's country, Spain), pulled their finger out and actually believed they should be in Brazil, it would have made the World Cup more palatable.

One sideshow to this was the surprise when a player rocked up on the pitch and it turned out, according to the TV commentator, they were indeed a Chelsea player.

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night Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Groove

The World Cup was all good and well, and I loved those early doors late Adidas Neo Advantage Woman

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But they didn't have England to fawn over (for long), that was their problem.

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